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Next! your virtual queue app.

  • Easily manage virtual queues whilst keeping things fair by asking each client user to take a paper ticket.
  • User's can download the mobile app for free, which requires no login, available on both iOS and Android. Meaning that they can view their place in the queue from their mobile device.
  • Virtual queues are easy to setup requiring no special hardware, the console is web based and works from any phone or internet connected device.
  • Mobile phone are warned if their connection drops, so that they can return to the site, otherwise they may be waiting for a text which may never arrive.
  • What about those without mobile phones? The current position can be displayed from a smart TV.

Keeps things fair.

Hang on, I was here first?
  • Next! works for those who don't have mobile phones by ensuring everyone takes a paper ticket.
  • This way user's know who was first in the queue. If we didn't do this then how does a site manage queues to those with smartphones and those without? No need for arguments, everyone knows where they are relative to everyone else.

Available on both Android and Apple devices.

  • Available on the app stores now. Next! shows notifications when you are 4 places away from the front of the queue, next and due to be seen on Android.
  • Due to background execution limits on iOS Next! acts as a passive queue display, without notifications.
  • Unlike other queue apps this will let you know when there is no connection, better than waiting for a text message about your queue position which will arrive 30 minutes after your appointment.
  • Providers of Next! have no need to buy specialist hardware. Next can be run from a web based console on mobile phones, computers or tablets to set the queue position.

What's the cost?

  • Creating a site is free, get charged for what the public use of this service, not for what you create. Also this entails zero administration for your organisation.
  • Unlimited sites are available.
  • There are no setup fees, you can create an account to get started with the first month for free,after which it's 2p per unique user per week.
To get started: Click here.